More Than 20 Years of Offering OB/GYN Solutions

Dr. Kimberly Evans

Well Woman Exams and Pap Smears

Book your Well Woman Exam! This is your yearly screening for breast disease and pelvic exams/pap smears. This does not include additional workup for other problems.

Gynecological Care

From birth control, management of abnormal pap smears and other specialized testing, we are here to insure the safety of your GYN needs.

Book online now to see how we can help.

Gynecology Consultation

This is perfect for the evaluation of new or chronic female problems, such as chronic discharges, irregular bleeding, and pelvic pain. We can also give second opinions for other provider services.

BioTe Hormone Evaluation

If you suffer from hot flashes, irritability, decreased mental focus, and low libido, book this appointment to find out if hormone balancing is right for you! We are a BioTe Legacy Certified Practice!

Fibroid Management

Dr. Kimberly Evans is skilled at fibroid management. We offer minimally invasive and myomectomy options depending on your needs.

Cosmetic Gynecology

We offer cosmetic gynecology appointments to beautify and improve the function of our female organs. This includes noninvasive and more extensive surgeries to correct and enhance your experiences.

Dr. Kimberly Evans
Dr. Kimberly Evans